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Zeal CBD Secures 75% Of Organic Links From UK Domains

The Client.

Zeal CBD is one of the UK’s most trusted online CBD shops supplying high-quality CBD products including CBD oil, CBD edibles, and CBD drinks amongst others. Entering a highly competitive vertical and one which is growing in prominence over time, we needed to ensure that our digital pr strategy was exemplary of their area of expertise, demonstrating their authority in a growing market.



We hit the ground running from day one for Zeal CBD, placing their in-house expert, Jay Riggs front and centre of a booming industry across the UK and international markets. We’re pleased to report that our organic backlink strategy propelled the client forward, securing 88% of linked domains through carefully constructed expert-led campaigns, exclusive quotes and comments across health, wellbeing, CBD, and lifestyle sectors.

The Objectives

Our goal was to support their growth, as one of the UK’s most trusted CBD shops. Operating in a highly competitive market, it was clear we needed to secure top-tier backlinks across authoritative outlets whilst keeping topic relevance high. In doing so, we’d increase their overall positioning in the SERPs, by naturally supporting their organic SEO strategy, elevating their overall presence as industry leaders. This would build trust between us and the journalist who would come to recognise their name area of knowledge.
01. Support the businesses growth as one of the UK’s most trusted CBD shops
02. Secure top-tier backlinks across authoritative outlets
03. Increase the brand’s overall SERP positioning
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The Strategy.

To earn credible backlinks on internationally acclaimed publications, not only high in status, readership but domain rating too, we needed to ensure a strong strategy was in place to discover the most relevant journalist requests that we’d be able to not only answer effectively, but timely and with a reason for journalists to trust our client, and to crave more.

The Campaign.

We allocated dedicated account managers to overseeing journalist requests, pitching Zeal CBD ahead of anyone else. To manage the process, we devised a dashboard that would allow us to scrape several databases for requests we could respond to, inputting those we submitted, and tracking whether each one was published, and linked, topic of relevancy and market. In doing so, we built strong relationships with journalists at various publications, allowing us to reach out for further opportunities, positioning Zeal CBD as front runners for exclusive comments.

Utilising our dashboard helped us define the comments most often published, helping us to redistribute various comments to journalists and media publications seeking out similar content types; particularly helpful when meeting tight deadlines, and seasonal events, national days and or topics.
organic links on UK domains
“We began working with Absolute Digital Media in late 2021 and it's the best decision we've made post-pandemic. They've listening to everything we've had to say and take on board our own KPIs as well as those we work with the Absolute Team towards. We feel incredibly supported and are looking forward to achieving even more amazing results in the future!”
Jay Riggs
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